About Bharat Gami

Bharat is licensed as an architect in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. He is also licensed as a professional planner and building/fire inspector in New Jersey and as a building official in Connecticut. Bharat brings several decades of experience in design, construction, and management.

Whether practicing as an architect, teaching as a college professor or transforming building permit and inspection processes as a building official, his focus has always been on leveraging technology to improve processes and outcomes. He was born and raised in India and holds master’s degrees in architecture from MIT and Management from CUNY.

Bharat currently teaches as an adjunct professor at Fordham University’s Real Estate Institute at Lincoln Center. He enjoys helping clients begin their real estate development journeys well by crafting solid design and application filing strategies.

Services Provided:
1 Building code/zoning compliance reviews and filing strategy
2 Damage assessment and forensic analysis
3 Energy code compliance and sustainability upgrades
4 Digital government services and net-zero cities

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